Industries We Cater For

In the last 4 years, our company has grown from an average-sized dealer to a big dealer in the complete and highly competitive agricultural industry. We have been appointed two years in a row – 2009 & 2010 dealer of the year. We believe that this was achieved (in a very competitive market) by means of high-quality service, reliability and professionalism, which gave our clients trust in our company.

As we are agents for all the main agricultural imports in South Africa, we are in a very good position to supply and deliver, virtually any machine, and spare part to the agricultural industry.

As the agricultural sector is getting more and more competitive and input cost intensifies, it becomes part of our business to render a training service for operators of the machinery, as most of the workers in the sector are semi-or unskilled. For the last two years, we implemented a training program on-site, which is focusing on basic driver training and maintenance of the relevant equipment.

Although we are not yet a SETA approved service provider, we do give our certificates to encourage operators to take proud of the equipment and get more involved in the basic working.

Genius Landini is always on the progress of looking for new opportunities through which we can give a better service and help with new solutions in a market that comes up with bigger challenges every day.

Genius Landini is an agent for Landini Tractors. We are in the valuable position, that we, as the other 63 dealers around the whole country, is backed up by our main warehouse in Boksburg, for a continuous supply of technical support, skills training and spares supply. We also render on-site service and maintenance, with our mobile service vans on the road.


The Goal and the Challenge

Argo Tractors objectives are those of winning present and future agricultural mechanization challenges. A game played by having in the field 3 successful historical brands, such as Landini, McCormick and Valpadana all together under a single company. A strategic move that, thanks to the synergies resulting from its highly consolidated experiences, has allowed both brands to make a significant quality leap forward, and consequently to attain market positions of primary importance.

Argo Tractors represents a reality capable of offering a high-quality product at a competitive market price, which can be achieved only through economies of scale, flexible production processes and a solid organization.

The set up of Argo Tractors actually ensured an incisive coordination of 3 brands businesses, by taking advantage of the synergies resulting from their soundly established experience and their long belonging to the same sector. Today’s tangible results are those of offering complementary product ranges being featured by a cutting-edge technology and capable of meeting customer’s needs, in any agricultural field, by ranging from specialized to open-field high power machineries.

At the same time, by belonging to the same group, the three Brands, Landini, McCormick and Valpadana have taken advantage of the positive and successful geographical synergies achieved on the various markets, thus ensuring an all-round and widespread marketing coverage, able to provide full and reliable services to all its end customers worldwide. A winning choice proved by results: Argo Tractors is today one of the most important agricultural tractor manufacturers in the world.


A Bit About Us

Genius Landini is a fully agricultural-related business, which is focusing on the supply and service of the complete range of agricultural machinery and equipment. The company has been operating for the last 15 years in areas of a wide variety of crops.

We have been involved in the areas of Brits, Koedoeskop, Atlanta, Thabazimbi, etc. These areas are all known for the high value of crops as well as for the diversity of crops planted. This has put us in a situation where we managed to gain a lot of experience in the working of several agricultural machinery as well as the growing of several crops, which include vegetables, maize, soya beans, sunflower, wheat, as well as all types of hay fodder, sowing for the horse and dairy industry.

As Genius Landini is centrally positioned with branches in the Tarlton / Magaliesburg area and in the Brits / Thabazimbi area, it puts us in a position to give a most affordable service package to our clients. We can supply a breakdown service within 24hours, with a parts supply rate 97% within 24hours, to our clients.